Sparkling Apple Cider

Refreshing!! I am in just love with this refreshing homemade sparkling apple cider. Apple isn’t my favorite fruit but since I tried this last time on the beach I was in love with it. So today my refrigerator was full of green and red apples so thought why not make this refreshing drink in this hot summer. This drink was served as a welcome drink at brother’s wedding. This sparkling is just a mix of apple and ginger ale where I added quite a bit of ice cubes, cold water, and apple slices to balance the flavor of apple and ginger ale otherwise it tastes quite strong which some people don’t like it.

You can always switch ginger ale with soda or sparkling water. This is very quick to prepare by just mixing all the ingredients. I used fresh apples and fresh apple juice but you can always use the canned apples and canned apple juice. It tastes the same, as I mentioned before I had a lot of apples left so I used them and there might not be any difference in using fresh apples or canned apples but the aroma definitely changes. So try out this refreshing sparkling apple cider and let me know in comments how it turned and di you liked it.


  1. 1 ½ Cup Fresh Apple Juice
  2. 2 Cups Cold Water
  3. 2 Cups Ice Cubes
  4. 1 Can Ginger Ale
  5. Sliced Red Apple/ Green Apple


  1. Firstly, add the ice to a bowl, then add apple slices, cold water, ginger ale, and apple juice to the bowl.
  2. Secondly, stir it with the big spoon.
  3. Finally, serve it in mocktail or juice glass.


TOTAL TIME- 10 minutes

Refreshing Drinks

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